Hi Outiner! Welcome to our community guidelines. If you love having fun, meeting new people, and you are respectful, kind and sincere, Outin is your place.

These Community Guidelines have been established to ensure that all Outin users can enjoy the app and the events responsibly and safely. Keep in mind that if you are not following the Outin’s Community Guidelines, we may delete your account at any time.

  1. Respect all users

We are a very diverse community. Under no circumstances we do tolerate discriminatory or offensive acts or attitudes. We are a community based on love and fun, if you see any user who does not respect these rules, we invite you to report it.

You must be of legal age to have an account on Outin and be able to use our services. If you see any underage user, report it.

On the other hand, and in order to guarantee the correct functioning of our services, and protect our community in the best posible conditions, if we detect a profile of more than one person, Outin reserves the right to eliminate it.

  1. Original photos

Only share photos whose copyright belongs to you. Don't pretend to be who you are not. Upload and send photos of yourself and show the others who you are in real life.

Specific regulations for photos shared on Outin

  • Do not upload photos of minors, if you do make sure that you appear as well in the photo and to obtain the consent of their legal guardians.

  • Do not upload completely nude photos or with pornographic content.

  • Do not share photos with weapons or drugs.

  • Do not upload content that approves, defend or promotes hate speech to any social group or individual.

  • Do not upload violent content or content that incites violence.

  1. SPAM

It is totally prohibited to create an Outin personal account to promote and / or sell your products or services. If this behavior is detected, we will delete your account immediately.

  1. Match and offline meetings

Respect all users both in online interaction and in face-to-face meetings that may be held. Matching with another user does not give you any consent over the other person. And remember, if someone says no, it's no. At Outin we will not tolerate any sexist, racist or LGBTIQphobic behavior.

  1. Event

Alcohol consumption and/or other substances in no case justifies any behavior contrary to these community guidelines, either in the Outin app or during events. If misbehavior is detected, we will delete your account and take more drastic action if applicable. Outin reserves the right to investigate or permanently delete any account if there are indications of inappropriate use, including actions that do not occur on the platform but have an impact on users who have met through the service.

  1. Live, enjoy and smile:

Outin was born so that you can do one of the most beautiful things in life; meet new people, create unforgettable social connections and inspire memorable experiences. In this way, we ask our users to be emotionally responsible in their interactions with other users, ensuring they fully enjoy their experience on the platform and helping to create a healthy, safe and happy community.

We also recommend our users to take a look at our Safety Tips to have an even more secure and comfortable experience.